Frequently Asked Questions

For Buyers

1. How can I find the right product on First Medtrade?

All products on our platform are grouped into categories and sub-categories. Find the right product by simply entering the product name into the search bar on our home page. Be sure to review the product information such as sizes, what’s in the box and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) before adding it to cart.

2.Can I buy in bulk?

For all your bulk purchases, please contact us on 07012367770 or email us at sales@firstmedtradeafrica.com or visit the Request a Quote page to send us your bulk purchase requests.

3. Can I pick up my order instead of having it delivered?

Yes. We have two delivery options available (i.e. Park Delivery and Doorstep Delivery) You can select your preferred delivery option on the product page, cart or checkout page.

4. Will all of the items in my order arrive in a single package?

If your order consists of items from more than one seller, your items will arrive separately. If your order consists of items from a single seller, your items may arrive together or separately. If your orders arrive separately, be rest assured that the remaining item(s) will be delivered shortly.

5. Why do I see different prices for the same product?

First Medtrade is your trusted online medical marketplace and we have many different sellers competing for business. Therefore, you may see the same product offered by different sellers at different prices. We believe that by supporting these 'third-party' sellers, we can offer you a wider product selection, more choice, increased convenience, and better pricing.

6. What is the estimated delivery time?

We deliver products to customers all over Nigeria within 5-7 business days. We also have an express shipping option for next day delivery.

7. Why does the estimated delivery time vary?

First Medtrade is a true online marketplace that empowers Nigerians across the country. This means that not all products on First Medtrade are sold or delivered by First Medtrade. Given the various factors involved (the time it takes a seller to ship, the courier company used, the distance between buyer and seller, and more) delivery times may vary.

8. Who will deliver my order?

Your order will be delivered by our partner courier companies depending on the delivery method and courier you selected when placing your order online. You may be called prior to or on the same day as delivery to see if you are available to receive your order.

For Sellers

1. What is First Medtrade?

First Medtrade is a digital platform that connects doctors, hospitals and individuals to medical equipment, consumables and devices at competitive prices.

2. How do I register as a Seller?

Selling on First Medtrade is easy. Simply visit firstmedtrade.com/sell, fill the form and verify your account.

3. I am listing products for the first time, how do I start?

  • -Sign in to your seller account on https://firstmedtrade.com/login
  • -Click on “Add Product” and fill the product description form
  • -All products listed by sellers are reviewed and approved by our Quality Control team within 2 working days.

4.How to best describe items I’m selling?

To best describe the item you are selling; please mention all the key highlights of the item (main technical specs...), unique selling features, functionality, size or dimensions, weight and make sure all the information is factual. Be sure to describe all the benefits of your product to the customer.

5.How to best choose images for items I’m selling?

-Our minimum resolution is listed as 720px480px but we advise you to submit images as close as possible to 2000x2000px large.

-Use a photo with white or transparent background at your product cover photo (i.e. The first image you upload on the product description form)

-Upload actual images not just stock photos from the internet.

-Upload photos with as many angles as possible.

-Image size limit is 5MB

-Remember online shopping is a very visual process for the customer.

-You may also copy-paste pictures from other websites.

6. How can I track my orders/sales performance?

Login to your seller dashboard on https://firstmedtrade.com/sell. Click “Orders” and view all your previous and existing orders.

7. How many products can I list?

There’s no limit on how many products you can list for sale on https://firstmedtrade.com/ it is free of charge.

8. I don't have images of my products, what do I do?

Look for images online with the help of a unique name of the product and Model No or Shoot the images of a live product at a studio following our image guidelines.

9. How do I know when a customer places an order of one of my products?

All your orders will appear under “Orders” > “Manage Orders”. Once an order is placed by a customer, it will land under “Pending”. You will also receive an SMS notification when a customer orders for any of your products.

10. When should I accept an order?

When a customer has placed an order for any of your products, a First Medtrade representative will call you to confirm the order. You should only process an order if you have the item in stock. If not, kindly inform our representative to cancel the order.

11.When will I receive payment for a customer order?

You will receive payment for the order as soon as the product is confirmed by our market agent or partner Courier Company representative. Please note that payment will be made to the bank details listed on your First Medtrade Profile. Please make sure your correct bank details are listed on your profile

12.What should I do after a customer order for my product(s) has been confirmed?

After your order has been confirmed, package the product for pick up by one of our partner courier companies or a First Medtrade Market Agent.

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