Surgical Suction Unit

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Surgical Suction Unit with Two 3-Litres Jar

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Surgical suction units are life support devices immediately evacuating the blood accumulated in the surgical areas and respiratory tract by creating vacuum at a certain flow rate, increasing surgical area visibility and providing continuous respiration. •Features: Main Body, Pump and Control• Rapid suction with 60 L/Min flow rate, • Adjustable vacuum power at 680 mmHg • Vacuum adjustments by easily accessible control panel and vacuum manometer for monitoring vacuum level• Maintenance free, silent, non-vibrating, oil free vacuum pump • Easy to clean, robust body design which is suitable for hospital cleaning and disinfection system • Pump Protection System: Protective technology preventing overflowing and liquid leakage to pump system by integrated buoy system and hydrophobic filter • Foot Switch: Designed to be used in delivery operations via Malmstrom-Throe method by its integrated pedal system. • Device has optional delivery assistance equipment as birth cups and cannula sets.
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